Our approach to any recruitment initiative reflects our belief that to win the best candidates and achieve lasting success, we must be able to act as an extension of your organisation. We must share an understanding of your need, its commercial context, longer term goals, vision, strategy and culture and be able to act as your ambassadors in the market.

We do not limit ourselves to a set scope of industries, rather, we approach each vacancy as a challenge. A challenge that we aim to win.

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Middle to Executive

A specialized recruitment service to find top-level candidates for Senior, Executive, or other highly specialized positions for clients. These are searches for candidates that may not be immediately identifiable in the market (Passive candidates). Our talent acquisition specialists are specially trained to locate, interview and select the best possible candidates to meet your needs which essentially avoids the cost of a bad hire.

Permanent Placements

Filling jobs within specific industries for upper-level or specialised personnel, for permanent employment. Clients trying to fill permanent positions turn to our services to attract and recommend top calibre candidates. While a client conducts their own interviewing after that, initial interviews are conducted by our talent acquisition specialists to select the best candidates from our pool of applicants. With this arrangement, our candidate becomes a direct, full-time employee of your company.

Contract Placements

If you are seeking to fulfil short-term staffing needs, K Square Recruitment Group’s talent acquisition specialists are equally skilled at recruiting and retaining people for short and medium-term contracts. Contract employees work at your company under your direction and control for a stipulated contract period. This method also allows you as the client to “try before you buy” to ensure the candidate is a fit should you decide on converting to a permanent hire commitment.

Bulk Recruitment Projects

K Square Recruitment Group offers a variety of bulk recruitment solutions. Whether you are looking to hire a large volume of permanent or contract staff to cover a specialised project or short-term increase in white-collar staff, our talent acquisition specialists are able to screen, match and place large volumes of personnel quickly and effectively. We save you time and money so that you can adjust quickly to both internal and external changes. Our bulk outsourced talent acquisition specialists will complete an in depth analysis of your operations to ensure you get who you need, when you need them.

Proactive/Pipeline Building Recruitment Projects

Proactive recruitment is the process of identifying and engaging with candidates long before a position comes open – they’re not actually “candidates” at that point. Rather, they’re people with skill sets in a given geographic area and job role and we build relationships with them. In this way, when a position becomes available (when headcount is granted and a salary band is determined), you have a proactive recruiting pipeline of people who can fill the role quickly and more importantly, will be good in the role. This is important for a lot of reasons such as significantly reducing your time to hire, reducing the hassles of the standard hiring process and is more relationship-driven.

Graduate Recruitment

Graduate recruitment is the process whereby K Square Recruitment Group undertakes to attract students who are about to graduate from Universities and/or Colleges for either perm, contract or Internship programmes within your organisation. Our Team of talent acquisition specialists would select graduates via the screening and selection process. In turn this will afford you the opportunity to employ passionate and bright people from all backgrounds, courses and disciplines.

Our Process

Our Search Process is unequivocally the most effective, energized and expedient method of acquiring the people that our clients want and need to fill critical roles within their organizations. The search process comprises three distinct stages:


Research phase

The research team gathers information on the structure of departments at target companies and will identify prospective candidates within this target market.


Head-hunting phase

The research team gathers information on the structure of departments at target companies and will identify prospective candidates within this target market.


Placement Phase

The research team gathers information on the structure of departments at target companies and will identify prospective candidates within this target market.

Our Coverage

K Square Recruitment Group can provide talent solutions across South Africa. Our vision is to become your talent management partners in all aspects, providing a uniquely qualified service that comfortably fits into your existing policies and procedures.

Our Placement Fee

Fees and Guarantees are flexible and based on your needs. These are negotiated up front because we understand, as experienced people, that often fees that are charged are unrealistic in terms of budget constraints. Our fees include a full background analysis of the candidates we send to you. Contact us for our fee structure details.

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